Hi, I'm Rajshri Mohan.

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Vanakkam! Namaste! Hi! I’m Rajshri Mohan. I was named Sujay when I was younger but for some reason, my parents changed it later on. I like both, although I wish more people called me Sujay. 😄

I work as a Software Developer at IQZ Systems. And when I’m not coding or thinking about software designs, I’m usually playing Battlefield 4 online or reading some nice fiction lying on my bed. Sometimes I also like to sit and stare at things and dream about a world filled with love and happiness.

I like to drive my car - a 2014 Alto K10. It’s tiny for a 6-footer like me but it suffices. And when inside it, driving along listening to some lovely A R Rahman or Linkin Park or One Republic, I feel happy and elated. Inside a car, one can find a world of their own - secluded from the busy and harsh world of outside by glass windows. It’s quite like meditation, this driving thing, don’t you think?

On occasions, I like to indulge in whimsical pleasures like buying soft plushy toys, building Lego kits or just buying up a lot of chocolates and eating them to my heart’s content. And at other times, I can get pretty sarcastic. My friends tell me that I’m good at it. 😜

And that’s it about me.

Thanks for reading this bit about me. Now go have a lovely day for yourselves! 😇

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May 30, 2017

Setting up a slick new blog - 2 - Setting up Hugo

Alright now! Let’s continue from where I last left. So having decided on Hugo to be the backbone for the blog, the next step is to set it up. Since Hugo is built using Go and since Go is a statically typed compiled language, Hugo comes in a nice little .exe zipped into an archive for Windows users. Just rename the file to hugo.exe for ease of use, throw it into a folder and add the folder to the PATH in environment variables. ...Read More

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You can ping me in any of the social networks listed below - I’m always happy to talk. You can also mail me if you are old school. And if you are from Coimbatore, India, we can even meet up for a cup of coffee and some nice meal in one of the hundreds of lovely restaurants this city’s been blessed with. You should visit some time. It’s a nice place. 😄

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